We accept different groups who wish for a social and active vacation but we also welcome those who wish to enjoy days off at their own pace.

If needed the activities can be arranged at different levels of difficulty, everything can be taylored to your specific group’s preference. Swap those lazy days on the beach for a social and active vacation, and let your stay at Villa Perla become a great start on the road to getting in better shape!

We are more than happy to give suggestions for programs for the individual group, where different types of activities can be chosen; among them hiking in the mountains, climbing, biking trips, strength- and coordination programs, water activities and so on.

Villa Perla offers a big and well equipped shared kitchen, there is also a grillhouse and pizza oven available for our customer to use giving ample opportunity for your group to make food together. Spanish grocery stores offer a wide selection of groceries.  The quality is high and the prices low. The fruit and vegetable selection is big, and the same applies to their meat and fish selection. Market day in Javea is on a Thursday where again, a great variety of fruits and vegetables can be found.

In Jávea there are many fantastic restaurants where you can pick and choose from great tasting and healthy foods. The fish and shellfish is unique here.

Business groups

Team Building

If you wish to conduct your own workshops/seminars you are free to do so! If you want our input, we are also more than happy to give it! We facilitate so that you get the greatest possible benefit during your time with us.

We can also make an arrangement with you, with the help of theoretical approaches. We use simple and practical models to shed light on the theory. Our expertise can be used to raise awareness and appreciation of the differing roles within your organisation. We are specialists in these processes, and we have completed college studies to achieve the theoretical requirements. But the most important being that we are very aware to take advantage of all the experience the four of us, who run Villa Perla, have achieved through many years of practical roles in the business sector.

Business groups to Spain.

There has always exsited a myth regarding travelling abroad, especially travelling “south”, is something that is viewed to be exclusive and too extravagant for most businesses to do with their employees.

It certainly is exclusive but compared to equivalent arrangements in some European countries; we can most definitely compete with both prices and content!

With us you can pick anything from culture- and food experiences to trip adventures. Have a look at our list of contents for more information about everything you can add to your stay here at Villa Perla.

How can we contribute?

We work with companies in both Norway and in Spain. In Norway we have been working fulltime towards this for 12 years. Groups and group process is something we are heavily invested in. We want to ask the questions that are important; Why do we act as we do? What controls us in everyday life? Does everybody in your company know that the company’s most important resource goes home at night?

Have you thought about the fact that something as unmanageable as the corporate culture, is one of the most important parameters to ensure that the company achieves its goals? Is there a winning culture in our company? Can we as an organization bring out the best in everybody?

Culture is difficult to understand, but to make it a bit more understandable, most people will   have heard the saying; “this is how we do it in our family”. Can we from experience see that any cultures work better than others? How can we influence our own internal corporate culture to become a winning culture?

Biking groups

The terrain around Jávea is used by both professionals and amateurs. We can mention that among others BMC uses Jávea as their training site.

From Villa Perla the biking routes start right outside the door.  More and more cyclists are discovering the northern part of Costa Blanca’s optimal geographical and weather wise conditions for variable biking all year round. Many cyclists who before would have choosen a classic destination like Mallorca, are now choosing to come to this part of Spain.

Whatever kind of exercise you would like to focus on, you will find routes that are perfect just for you – mile long flat, paved country roads, steep mountain climbs (up to 1200m) and beautiful varied coastlines.

The calm traffic and the locals’ respect for cyclists only enhance the picture of a cycling paradise. Right outside our gates here at Villa Perla, you can find yourself in the middle of a cycling Eldorado. The training ride always starts out with a few km on a flat paved country road. Then you can choose between continuing along the valleys or commit yourself to steeper mountain roads or winding coastal roads.

Villa Perla organizes bike rentals, both for terrain and country roads.

Golf groups

For the golf lover it is a short distance to some great golf courses. Jávea local golf club is situated about 10 minutes by car from Villa Perla (Campo de Golf Jávea – 9 holes). Equally close by you can find La Sella Golf club, which is considered one of the most beautiful courses in Europe (27 holes International Championship Golf course), which we can also mention was designed by 2 times Champion of Champions, José Maria Olazáball. There are also another 11 available golf courses within a 50 minute drive.

See our list of activities and see if you can find something that tempts you on a day off from the golf course.