Audun Jacobsen

Audun was born in Oslo in 1961. He is married to Irene, and they have lived in Fjellhamar in Lørenskog municipal for about 25 years.

Audun started as a carpentry apprentice in 1977 and took his craft certificate in 1981.

His initial military service was conducted in Inner Troms. Afterwards the journey took him to Skjåk, where he worked as a farmer and carpenter for two years. Then he moved to Fjellhamar.


His next place of work was as a carpenter in the company Helge Schjærve, where he had previously been an apprentice. After some years he achieved the position of chairman with responsibility for remodelling at Pharmaceutical Institution, Blindern and NRK Marienlyst. The need to establish something of his own was always present. Good years in the business gave the opportunity to save up AS-capital (1988).

That was just in time to meet a collapsing market which demanded a lot of work for very little money the first few years. In the same period of time he finished the leadership school with subsequent master certificate in 1989.

Together with two former colleagues he started Platåbygg AS in 1991. For the following 19 years he functioned as a manager, project manager and chairman of the board in various time periods. It was a very educational and demanding time with ups and downs. The thought of doing something entirely different crossed his mind more than once.

After the termination of Platåbygg in 2009 he worked as a project manager in Dybvig AS for half a year. Then he worked as general manager in Traust Byggeservice AS until the end of 2013.

Then the journey took him to Spain.